Brushless DC Motor

A brushless DC motor (BLDC) is an electric motor powered by a DC voltage supply and electronically commutated instead of brushes as in traditional DC motors. BLDC motors can offer a higher speed range and a better torque to speed ratio. 3 phase 12V/24V/48V...96V Brushless DC motors matched with a controller/gearbox are the ideal kit for electric cars, and also the best choice for automation, agricultural and home use. The high torque brushless motors are widely used in power tools, garden equipment, scanners, robots, pumps, blowers, robotics, medical equipment, etc.

Featured products

7000W 130KV 4-12S Outrunner Sensored Brushless DC Motor

Reasonably priced 7000W outrunner sensored brushless DC motor, rotation speed 130KV, 17 N.m high torque, max. current 148A, shaft diameter 12 mm, widely used in electric skateboards, longboards, and combat robots.

8000 rpm 24V Inrunner Sensored Brushless DC Motor

High speed brushless motor with 8000 rpm for sale online. It is a 3 phase small brushless DC motor equipped with a built hall sensor. 24V micro brushless motor has five lines (red, black, white, yellow, blue) to achieve speed adjustment and positive inversion function.

50A/100A 3-12S Brushless ESC Controller for Dual Motor

Brushless electronic speed controller for dual motor, current continuous unilateral 50A, peak bilateral 400A, voltage 3-12S, equipped with an intelligent version of fireproof flower switch, just slide to turn on the machine, no operation, automatic shutdown within a certain period of time, can effectively save energy.

72V 1000W Brushless DC Motor, 10 Nm, 1000 rpm, 17.1A

Low-speed 1 kW brushless motor running at 72V, rated current 17.1A, rated torque 10 Nm, maximum torque up to 30 Nm, controller, brake, and planetary gearbox are optional, it is ideal to purchase a complete set of brushless motor.

300W BLDC Worm Gear Motor, 12V/ 24V/ 48V

Good price 300W DC worm gear motor works at 2000 rpm rated speed, selectable gear ratio from 7.5:1 to 100:1, rated torque at 0.96 Nm and peak torque at 2.88 Nm. The 3-phase brushless motor and worm gearbox provide high torque at low speeds at 12V, 24V, 36V/ 48V. The worm gear motor can get a large transmission ratio by using the worm gear and worm, which is more compact than the staggered-axis helical gear mechanism.

450W Brushless DC Gear Motor, 12V/24V/48V

Buy a set of brushless dc gear motor online, power at 450W, 24V/36V/48V voltage can be selected, speed ratio up to 200:1, rated output torque 1.41 Nm, torque peak up to 4.3 Nm, rated speed 3000 rpm, a small brushless dc gear motor is ideal for use in electric vehicles.
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