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A brushless DC motor (BLDC) is a synchronous motor that uses a DC power source. The brushless DC motor is essentially a permanent magnet synchronous motor with position feedback that uses a DC power input and uses an inverter to convert it into a three-phase AC power supply.

There are various types of motors, and brushless DC motors are the most ideal speed-regulated motors today. It has a simple structure, no commutation sparks, smooth operation and easy maintenance. Therefore, it is very popular in the market and is widely used in automobiles, home appliances, industrial equipment and other fields.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Choose a Brushless DC Motor?
  2. What are BLDC Motors Used for?
  3. How to Select a 3 phase Brushless DC Motor?
  4. 50W-300W High Torque BLDC Motor Price List
  5. 350W-750W High Torque BLDC Motor Price List
  6. 1kW-5kW Brushless DC Motor Price List
  7. How to Choose the Right BLDC Motor Controller?
  8. BLDC Motor Controller Price List

1. Why Choose a Brushless DC Motor?

BLDC motor buying guide

  • Quiet motor operation
    Friction and arcing between the brushes and commutator plate in a brushed motor can produce a lot of motor noise. In a brushless motor, commutation is performed by an electronic circuit, so operation is much quieter.
  • Less heat generated by the motor
    In addition to generating sound, the friction between the brushes and commutator plates in a brushed motor generates a lot of heat. This can be a serious problem in many applications. In a brushless motor, the only friction occurs in the rotor bearings. This means that heat generation is much less of a problem in a brushless motor.
  • Higher motor efficiency
    This is a particularly important advantage of brushless motors. The sound and heat generated by a brush motor essentially represent the power loss of the device, taking energy away from the rotor itself - which will be used to drive the load. In a brushless motor, the sound and heat generated are greatly reduced, resulting in a significant increase in efficiency.
  • Longer motor life
    Brushes in brush motors wear out with use because they are in constant contact with the commutator - it's only a matter of time before they need to be replaced. Brushless motors do not face this problem, which greatly reduces maintenance requirements and can be implemented in a range of applications where brushes cannot be replaced, such as in satellite communications equipment in outer space.
  • The better motor power-to-weight ratio
    Fewer mechanical parts mean that brushless motors have a lower mass than brushed motors. The result: brushless motors offer better power-to-weight and torque-to-weight ratios than brushed motors.
  • Wide application range and good control effect
    The brushless motor has a controller (driver), which can realize simple to complex control and can realize various communication requirements (485, CAN, etc.) so that in addition to meeting some conventional mechanical actions, it can also perform complex control commands. And with the widespread use of magnetic encoders in recent years, it can replace some simple servo applications.

2. What are BLDC Motors Used for?

BLDC motors

For Industrial Applications: For industrial applications, 12V~96V brushless DC motors are mainly used for servo, drive, positioning and variable speed, where precise motion control and stable operation are critical to the operation of manufacturing or industrial processes. The most common industrial uses for BLDC motors are linear motors, servo motors, actuators for industrial robots, extruder drive motors, and feed drives for CNC machine tools.

For Aerospace: The main applications of BLDC motors in the aerospace field are robotic arm control, gyroscope and rudder drive, etc. These applications generally require good high-speed and high-precision control and dynamic response, so the corresponding systems use closed-loop speed feedback control, and most of them use advanced process control algorithms.

For Robots: With advances in robotics, brushless DC motors have become the most popular drive and retention device. They are used for many reasons, such as efficiency, low thermal operation and compact construction. But the most important advantage is the precise control achieved by brushless motors, which helps produce accurate robotic systems and devices.

For Automation: Due to their simple structure, stable operation and good speed regulation performance, brushless DC motors are increasingly used in the automotive field. In addition to being the core component of car drives, motors can also be used to drive car air conditioners, wipers, electric doors, airbags, electric seats, etc. Motor drive technology for automotive air conditioners and home air conditioner compressors is similar. Air conditioner compressors driven by brushless DC motors will develop towards more energy efficient and more comfortable full DC inverters. Therefore, the brushless DC motor will become the mainstream direction of the development of speed regulation technology and will be more and more widely used in all aspects of the automotive motor drive.

For Electric Cars: Before the introduction of the latest electric cars, BLDC motors were used in windshield wipers, CD players and power windows. Today's automakers use three different types of motors in their vehicles: BLDC motors, brushed DC motors, and AC induction motors. The composition of the BLDC motor also allows the vehicle's internal machinery to remain cooler and heat resistant. In addition, because the motor is brushless, there are no dangerous brush sparks.

BLDC motors have a permanent magnet rotor surrounded by a wire-wound stator. The windings in the stator are electronically commutated rather than using brushes. This makes BLDC motors:

  • Easier to maintain.
  • More durable and smaller.
  • 85%-90% more efficient.
  • Capable of faster response at higher operating speeds.
  • Easier to control in terms of speed control and reverse.
  • Less prone to the failures experienced with brushed motors and the ability to self-start.

bldc motor for electric cars

For Medical Equipment: The surgery requires the power system of orthopedic medical equipment to be able to continuously vary the speed in a wide range to meet the requirements of various occasions such as milling, drilling and sawing. The existing drive motors for orthopedic medical devices are single-phase AC/DC series excitation motors and voltage regulators, which are very noisy.

The presence of brushes and commutators makes preoperative sterilization impossible and has an impact on surgical results. Regular brush replacement and motor maintenance are required. A Brushless DC motor does not have the above-mentioned hidden problems. As a driving system, it is undoubtedly the best choice for medical devices because of its low noise, wide range of speed regulation, small size and lightweight.

3. How to Select a 3 phase Brushless DC Motor?

According to the requirements of the equipment, determine the load power of the equipment when the user is using it, the normal current and the maximum current during operation, etc.

  • Fully consider the use environment and state of the product, determine the power supply, and then determine the rated voltage and working voltage range of the motor.
  • Determine the number of revolutions of the brushless DC motor according to the number of revolutions required by the equipment, the transmission device and the gearbox. The 12V BLDC motor has a rated speed of 3000, 24V and 36V are the same. 2000 rpm is also available.
  • According to the installation location and use environment of the motor and mechanical equipment, determine the structure and protection from the brushless motor, as well as the working temperature and humidity range of the brushless motor.
  • Determine the rated power and maximum power of the brushless motor according to the power required by the load and the operation mode of the motor.
    The 3 phase brushless DC motor needs to be equipped with a high-efficiency drive controller to ensure that the motor can work with maximum efficiency.
  • The most important point is that you must also match the most suitable motor drive controller for the brushless motor you choose.

Reasonable price 3 phase 100W to 5kW brushless DC motors are available at They are all inrunner brushless motors with square flange sizes from 57mm to 180mm, rated speeds from 2000 rpm to 3000 rpm, and operating voltages of 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V and 96V. Matching BLDC controllers are also available here, which are powerful enough to meet your needs. In addition, 400W ~ 8kW outrunner brushless motors are also provided.

3 phase brushless dc motors

Different specifications of brushless DC motors have different characteristics, so be sure to master the selection method, so that the product can achieve the best performance. The prices of brushless DC motors are shown in the table below, check and buy what you want now. The motor parameters can be customized according to customers' requirements if you can't find the right one for your product.

4. 50W-300W High Torque BLDC Motor Price List

SKU Rated Voltage Motor Price Rated Speed Rated Torque Motor Weight Matching Controller
50W Brushless DC Motor
BLDC-12V-50W 12V $156.98 3000 rpm 0.16 Nm 2 kg $159.99
BLDC-24V-50W 24V $233.52
BLDC-36V-50W 36V $196.98
100W Brushless DC Motor
BLDC-12V-100W 12V $178.58 3000 rpm 0.32 Nm 2.5 kg $233.52
BLDC-24V-100W 24V $196.98
BLDC-36V-100W 36V
BLDC-48V-100W 48V
200W Brushless DC Motor
BLDC-12V-200W 12V $245.39 3000 rpm 0.64 Nm 3 kg $233.52
BLDC-24V-200W 24V
BLDC-36V-200W 36V $196.98
BLDC-48V-200W 48V
250W Brushless DC Motor
BLDC-12V-250W 12V $266.19 3000 rpm 0.8 Nm 3 kg $233.52
BLDC-24V-250W 24V
BLDC-36V-250W 36V $196.98
BLDC-48V-250W 48V $233.52
300W Brushless DC Motor
BLDC-12V-300W 12V $287.52 3000 rpm 0.96 Nm 6 kg $233.52
BLDC-24V-300W 24V
BLDC-36V-300W 36V
BLDC-48V-300W 48V


5. 350W-750W High Torque BLDC Motor Price List

SKU Rated Voltage Motor Price Rated Speed Rated Torque Motor Weight Matching Controller
350W Brushless DC Motor
BLDC-12V-350W 12V $298.62 3000 rpm 1.12 Nm 6 kg $233.52
BLDC-24V-350W 24V
BLDC-36V-350W 36V
BLDC-48V-350W 48V
400W Brushless DC Motor
BLDC-24V-400W 24V $458.24 3000 rpm 1.3 Nm 2.4 kg $395.52
BLDC-48V-400W 48V $305.49
BLDC-72V-400W 72V $458.25 2000 rpm 2 Nm 3.2 kg
BLDC-96V-400W 96V $824.85
500W Brushless DC Motor
BLDC-24V-500W 24V $564.53 2000 rpm 2.4 Nm 3 kg $395.52
BLDC-48V-500W 48V $376.35
BLDC-72V-500W 72V $376.35
BLDC-96V-500W 96V $715.06
600W Brushless DC Motor
BLDC-24V-600W 24V $758.82 3000 rpm 1.91 Nm 6.6 kg $283.86
BLDC-36V-600W 36V $505.88 $233.52
BLDC-48V-600W 48V $376.35
BLDC-72V-600W 72V $376.35 2000 rpm 6 Nm $395.52
BLDC-96V-600W 96V $715.06
750W Brushless DC Motor
BLDC-24V-750W 24V $399.16 3000 rpm 2.39 Nm 8 kg $283.86
BLDC-36V-750W 36V $689.74 $233.52
BLDC-48V-750W 48V $352.77 3 kg
BLDC-72V-750W 72V $805.42 2.4 Nm $395.52
BLDC-96V-750W 96V $670.26


6. 1kW-5kW Brushless DC Motor Price List

SKU Rated Voltage Motor Price Rated Speed Rated Torque Motor Weight Matching Controller
1000W Brushless DC Motor
BLDC-24V-1000W 24V $415.85  3000 rpm 3.18 Nm 4.2 kg $283.86 
BLDC-36V-1000W 36V
BLDC-48V-1000W 48V
BLDC-72V-1000W 72V $784.83  1000 rpm 10 Nm 12 kg $653.05 
BLDC-96V-1000W 96V
1500W Brushless DC Motor
BLDC-36V-1500W 36V $432.36 3000 rpm 4.78 Nm 5.5 kg $438.06
BLDC-48V-1500W 48V
2000W Brushless DC Motor
BLDC-48V-2000W 48V $816.24 2000 rpm 10 Nm 12 kg $653.05
BLDC-72V-2000W 72V $1,371.28
BLDC-96V-2000W 96V
2500W Brushless DC Motor
BLDC-48V-2500W 48V $1,323.69 2000 rpm 12 Nm 18.05 kg $653.05
BLDC-72V-2500W 72V
BLDC-96V-2500W 96V $2,117.91
3000W Brushless DC Motor
BLDC-48V-3000W 48V $879.12 2000 rpm 10 Nm 12 kg $898.21
BLDC-72V-3000W 72V $1,450.55
BLDC-96V-3000W 96V
5000W Brushless DC Motor
BLDC-48V-5000W 48V $1,746.93 3000 rpm 16 Nm 18.6 kg $1,119.07
BLDC-72V-5000W 72V $3,936.32
BLDC-96V-5000W 96V $2,619.89

The motor controller is an integrated circuit that controls the motor to work in the set direction, speed, angle and response time by active operation. In electric vehicles, the role of the motor controller is to convert the electrical energy stored in the power battery into the electrical energy required to drive the motor according to the command of gear, throttle and brake, so as to control the starting operation, forward and backward. The speed and climbing force of the electric vehicle, or help the electric vehicle brake and store part of the braking energy in the power battery. It is one of the key components of electric vehicles.

Brushless motor controllers

7. How to Choose the Right BLDC Motor Controller?

  • Choose a controller that matches the type of motor. For example, DC brushed, DC brushless, square wave or sine wave, Hall sensor or no Hall sensor.
  • Before choosing the BLDC controller, observe whether the marked motor power is rated power or maximum power. If it is rated power, you can choose the matching motor controller by 2-3 times the rated power. For example, if the motor is marked with a rated power of 650W and a voltage of 48V, you should choose the rated voltage of 48V and the maximum output power of 1.3KW~2KW motor controller. If the maximum power is marked, you can choose a motor with less power.
  • Match the motor parameters. Take a high-torque DC brushless motor as an example, with or without Hall, a square wave controller does not need to match special parameters. If the Hall sine controller has speed output, it needs to match the parameters such as the number of motor pole pairs and speed. When matching a Hall-less sine wave, parameters such as phase inductance, phase resistance, number of pole pairs and maximum motor speed need to be known.  If you purchased a 48V BLDC motor, a matching 48V brushless motor controller is recommended.

8. BLDC Motor Controller Price List

SKU Power Supply Typical Power Speed Control Range Price
BLDC-C120A 12V~30V DC 24V DC 20000 rpm $159.99
BLDC-BLD-300B 12V~56V DC 48V DC 20000 rpm $196.98
BLDC-C750 18V~52V DC 48V DC 20000 rpm $233.52
BLDC-C50 12V~60V DC 36V/48V DC 50 rpm (Hall Sensor Motor), 1 rpm (Encoder Sensor) $283.86
BLDC-C100 12V~60V DC 36V/48V DC $438.06
BLDC-TH-G PWR, 18V~120V DC 24V/48V/72V/96V \ $395.52


  • 48V motors are highly recommended, because all models of 48V are in stock, cheaper and with shorter delivery time, only about 7 days.
  • 24V/ 72V/ 96V motors are generally not in stock and need to be produced by the factory, with higher open line cost and longer delivery time, about 25 days.
  • The prices in the table are for reference only. If you want to get the latest quotation, please feel free to contact us.