96V Brushless DC Motor

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96V 400W Brushless DC Motor, 2 Nm, 2000 rpm, 5.5A

Good price 1/2 hp BLDC electric motor with 96V rated voltage at reasonable price for sale. 3-phase brushless DC motor with 2000 rpm rated speed, 2 Nm rated torque and rated current 5.5A. Small BLDC motors with various speed ratios can be chosen, which especially suited for applications requiring higher efficiency and power density.

96V 500W Brushless DC Motor, 2.4 Nm, 2000 rpm, 6.5A

Cheap price 3 phase 500W brushless DC motor working at 96V with 2000 rpm low speed. 96V BLDC electric motor with 2.4 Nm rated torque, 6.5A rated current. Small electric DC motor is compact in size and provides high torque as well as better speed control and efficiency.

96V 600W Brushless DC Motor, 6 Nm, 1000 rpm, 8.2A

Reliable 3 phase brushless DC motor works at 96V with low price for sale. Small BLDC electric motor features 600W rated power, low speed 1000 rpm, 8.2A rated current and 6 Nm rated torque. 96V 600W BLDC motor is available with a matching controller/gearbox.

96V 750W Brushless DC Motor, 2.4 Nm, 3000 rpm, 9.8A

Get a 1 HP brushless DC electric motor at affordable price online. The 96V BLDC motor is rated at 3000 rpm, rated current 9.8A, rated torque 2.4 Nm, and maximum torque up to 7.5 Nm. Small 3-phase BLDC motor working efficiency is up to 85%. Buy BLDC motor controller and gearbox combined with the BLDC motor will provide higher torque.

96V 1000W Brushless DC Motor, 10 Nm, 1000 rpm, 12.8A

High-torque 96V brushless motor power 1000 watts with competitive price, rated at 1000 rpm, 12.8A rated current, 10 Nm rated torque, high efficiency can up to 85%, 130mm square flange size. 3-phase small BLDC electric motor is the best choice for automation, agricultural and home use.

96V 1900W (2.5 hp) Brushless DC Motor, 6 Nm, 3000 rpm, 22A

High efficiency 2.5 hp brushless DC electric motor at 96V voltage with cost-effective price. 3-phase BLDC motor has 3000 rpm rated speed, 6 Nm rated torque, and max. torque can be up to 18 Nm, 22A rated current. High-torque brushless DC motors are widely used for electric bicycles, automation to, AGV trolleys, aerospace, intelligent storage equipment, etc.

96V 2000W Brushless DC Motor, 10 Nm, 2000 rpm, 25.7A

Economical price 3-phase brushless DC motor for sale. High torque 2 kW BLDC electric motor with 96 DC voltage, 2000 rpm speed, 25.7A rated current, IP65 protection, 10 Nm rated torque, max. torque to 30 Nm. 96V BLDC electric motor is a cost-effective replacement for brush DC motors.

96V 2300W (3 hp) Brushless DC Motor, 7.3 Nm, 3000 rpm, 30A

Get a factory price 96V 2300W brushless DC motor for electric car, features 3000 rpm rated speed and 7.3 Nm rated torque, max. torque up to 23 Nm, operating at DC 96 volt. This 3-phase high torque BLDC motor provides a small size, easy to operate, maintenance-free, and long service life.

96V 2500W Brushless DC Motor, 12 Nm, 2000 rpm, 31A

Competitive price 3-phase 2.5kW brushless DC motor online for sale. High torque small BLDC electric motor with 96V DC power supply, 31A rated current, 2000 rpm low speed, 12 Nm high torque, max. torque can up to 30 Nm. Three phase brushless motors have significantly higher efficiency and performance, and lower susceptibility to mechanical wear than their brushed counterparts.

96V 3000W (4 hp) Brushless DC Motor, 10 Nm, 3000 rpm, 38.5A

Cheap price high torque 4 hp (3 kW) brushless DC electric motor works at 96V rated voltage. 3-phase BLDC motor features 3000 rpm low rated speed, 10 Nm rated torque and 38.5A rated current. Brushless DC electric motor is used in a wide range of applications, such as automobiles, tools, industrial control, automation, aerospace, etc.

96V 3800W (5 hp) Brushless DC Motor, 12 Nm, 3000 rpm, 46A

Cost-effective 96V BLDC motor power 3800W for sale online. Small brushless dc motor rated at low speed 3000 rpm, high torque 12 Nm and max. torque up to 30 Nm, 46A rated current. 3 phase BLDC electric motor paired with controller best for electric vehicle.

96V 5000W Brushless DC Motor, 16 Nm, 3000 rpm, 62A

High efficiency brushless dc electric motor for sale with lower price. 96V 3-phase brushless DC motor power 5000 watts, rated at low speed of 3000 rpm, 62A rated current, and high torque 16 Nm. Small 5kW brushless DC electric motor with strong load capacity and high-temperature resistance.