72V Brushless DC Motor

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72V 400W Brushless DC Motor, 2 Nm, 2000 rpm, 7.3A

400W brushless dc motor with planetary gearbox, various speed ratios selectable, low speed of 2000 rpm, 72V brushless motor rated torque 2 Nm, rated current 7.3A, wide speed range, strong overload capacity, protection class IP65. BLDC motor can be used for continuous load applications, such as fans, water pumping machines, blowers and hair dryers.

72V 500W Brushless DC Motor, 2.4 Nm, 2000 rpm, 8.7A

500W brushless motor with powerful and high efficiency, input voltage 72V DC, rated current 8.7A, rated speed 2000 rpm, maximum speed: 2400 rpm, brushless motor is made of high hardness steel, good toughness, impact resistance, and improved service life.

72V 600W Brushless DC Motor, 6 Nm, 2000 rpm, 10.9A

600 Watt brushless dc motor rated torque 6Nm, maximum torque 18Nm, no load speed 2400 rpm, high torque brushless motor with aluminum housing and complete accessory kit to help you secure the motor and run it safely.

72V 750W Brushless DC Motor, 2.4 Nm, 3000 rpm, 13A

Buy online reasonably priced brushless motor with 750 watts power, 2.4 Nm rated torque, 7.5 Nm maximum torque, rated speed at 3000 rpm, 13A rated current, 72V volt brushless DC motor kit, designed for electric vehicle applications.

72V 1000W Brushless DC Motor, 10 Nm, 1000 rpm, 17.1A

Low-speed 1 kW brushless motor running at 72V, rated current 17.1A, rated torque 10 Nm, maximum torque up to 30 Nm, controller, brake, and planetary gearbox are optional, it is ideal to purchase a complete set of brushless motor.

72V 1900W (2.5 hp) Brushless DC Motor, 6 Nm, 3000 rpm, 32.7A

Economical 1900 watt brushless motor with planetary gearbox, controller and brake, 72V DC brushless motor, rated current 32.7A, 110mm square flange size, rated speed 3000 rpm, buy a set of brushless motor to bring you a different speed experience.

72V 2000W Brushless DC Motor, 10 Nm, 2000 rpm, 34.2A

Low price brushless motor power 2000W, rated torque 10 Nm, maximum torque 30 Nm, rated speed 2000 rpm, rated current 34.2A, 72V brushless motor is ideal for new energy electric vehicles, renewable energy systems, industrial equipment, and other applications requiring high torque density.

72V 2300W (3 hp) Brushless DC Motor, 7.3 Nm, 3000 rpm, 40A

Buy 3 hp brushless DC motor for an electric car, rated torque 7.3 Nm, maximum torque 23 Nm, rated current 40A, 72V brushless DC motor with the high-performance driver, controller, planetary gearbox various speed ratios can be selected.

72V 2500W Brushless DC Motor, 12 Nm, 2000 rpm, 41A

Low-cost sensored bldc motor 2500 watts, rated current 41A, rated torque 12 Nm, peak torque 30 Nm, recommended with the controller, brake, and gearbox, suitable for high-performance applications with extremely high life expectancy for overload or continuous operation.

72V 3000W Brushless DC Motor, 10 Nm, 3000 rpm, 51.3A

Reliable high-speed brushless DC motor for sale with good price, 130mm square flange size, rated speed of 3000 rpm, and efficiency of over 85%. Small 3000 watt brushless DC motor with a new sealing device, protection grade IP65, strong adaptability to the environment, can work continuously in harsh environments such as corrosion and humidity.

72V 3800W (5 hp) Brushless DC Motor, 12 Nm, 3000 rpm, 62A

Buy high torque 5hp brushless DC motor online. The 72V BLDC motor has a rated torque of 12 Nm and a peak torque of up to 30 Nm and a rated speed of 3000 rpm. 3800W Brushless motor is ideal for use in electric cars, hybrids, personal transport vehicles, and electric aircraft.

72V 5000W Brushless DC Motor, 16 Nm, 3000 rpm, 82A

The 5 kW three-phase brushless motor operates at 72V DC, with a rated current of 82A, high speed of 3000 rpm, rated torque 16Nm, and torque peaks up to 42 Nm, The DC brushless motor is small in size, and the rotational inertia is reduced by 40% to 50% accordingly.

3kW BLDC Motor For Electric Vehicle, Air Cooling

Buy a 3kW brushless dc motor for the electric vehicle online. An air cooling BLDC motor comes with a 48V/60V/72V rated voltage and 10 N.m rated torque. High power BLDC motors have a higher torque to weight ratio, which is important for electric vehicles. It is matched with a brushless controller to make the vehicle lighter and still get enough torque.

3kW BLDC Motor For Electric Vehicle, Water Cooling

Low price brushless dc motors are used in the majority of electric scooters and electric motorcycles. 48V/60V/70V BLDC motor is designed for electric cars and can operate without mechanical noise. A water-cooled brushless motor has 10 N.m rated torque and 3000-5000 rpm speed, allowing electric vehicles to move more quietly.