NEMA 32 BLDC Motor

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24V 400W Brushless DC Motor, 1.3 Nm, 3000 rpm, 21.3A

400-watt BLDC electric motor with 24V rated voltage at an affordable price for sale online. The high torque brushless DC motor with 3000 rpm rated speed, 1.3 Nm rated torque, and peak torque up to 4 Nm. Small 3-phase BLDC motors are ideal for applications where rapid acceleration and high accuracy are called for.

48V 400W Brushless DC Motor, 1.3 Nm, 3000 rpm, 10.6A

Customizable 48V BLDC motors for sale online. 3 phase DC motor has 1.3 Nm rated torque, 10.6A rated current and 3000 rpm rated speed. 400W brushless DC motor matched with a motor controller and planetary gearbox/worm gearbox is designed for electrical vehicles.

36V 350W Brushless DC Motor, 1.12 Nm, 3000 rpm, 12.1A

The brushless DC motor for linear torque curve has a power of 350 watts, a rated current of 12.1A, rated torque 1.12Nm, a wide speed range, and a brushless vibration motor with a permanent magnet rotor, which contributes to the energy efficiency of the device.

24V 500W Brushless DC Motor, 2.4 Nm, 2000 rpm, 26.1A

Lower cost 24V BLDC motor is perfect for the electric car. The 500W BLDC motor comes with 2000 rpm rated speed, 2.4 Nm rated torque and 26.1A rated current. 3-phase brushless DC electric motor offers excellent torque performance, high power, extremely wide speed range, and unrivaled service life. 

96V 500W Brushless DC Motor, 2.4 Nm, 2000 rpm, 6.5A

Cheap price 3 phase 500W brushless DC motor working at 96V with 2000 rpm low speed. 96V BLDC electric motor with 2.4 Nm rated torque, 6.5A rated current. Small electric DC motor is compact in size and provides high torque as well as better speed control and efficiency.

72V 500W Brushless DC Motor, 2.4 Nm, 2000 rpm, 8.7A

500W brushless motor with powerful and high efficiency, input voltage 72V DC, rated current 8.7A, rated speed 2000 rpm, maximum speed: 2400 rpm, brushless motor is made of high hardness steel, good toughness, impact resistance, and improved service life.

48V 500W Brushless DC Motor, 2.4 Nm, 2000 rpm, 13A

500 watt brushless electric motor is 3 phase dc motor, designed for electric cars. It comes with 2.4 Nm rated torque, 2000 rpm speed and 80 mm compact square flange size. 48V brushless dc electric motor paired with the BLDC motor controller/gearbox are perfect solutions for motion control applications where high efficiency and high torque are required.