Brushless Motor Controllers

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12V-30V Brushless Controller for 12/24V BLDC Motor

Specially designed for electric vehicle and brushless controller, output current 8A, typical power 48VDC, overvoltage protection 5V, for 12V/24V three-phase brushless motor, with or without Hall can be used, will automatically identify the voltage, high matching performance, smooth and stable start.

12V-56V Brushless Controller for 12/24/36/48V BLDC Motor

Hot sale brushless motor controller for 12/24/36/48V brushless motor, typical power 48V DC, output current 15A, drive motor under 120 watt, can provide stable speed and sensitive braking, commutation control. High-quality controller wires and interfaces are durable and ensure a low failure rate for long time use.

18V-52V Brushless Controller for 24/36/48V BLDC Motor

Low price brushless motor controller for sale online. It works at an 18V to 52V power supply and the typical power is 48V DC. Its speed control is 20000 rpm, the output current is up to 25A. The cheap brushless dc motor controller is used for 24V/36V/48V BLDC motor, worm gear motor or planetary gear motor to control speed.

50A 3-12S Brushless ESC Controller for Single Motor

Buy online single drive ESC controller for brushless motor, PWM signal input, current continuous 50A, peak at 100A, voltage 8V-60V(3 - 12S), housing made of aluminum alloy, good heat dissipation, suitable for the robot, 4WD RC car, robot arm, and DUY off-road vehicle.

50A/100A 3-12S Brushless ESC Controller for Dual Motor

Brushless electronic speed controller for dual motor, current continuous unilateral 50A, peak bilateral 400A, voltage 3-12S, equipped with an intelligent version of fireproof flower switch, just slide to turn on the machine, no operation, automatic shutdown within a certain period of time, can effectively save energy.

60A 3-12S Brushless ESC Controller for Single Motor

Small size brushless ESC controller for sale, continuous current 60A, peak 200A, stable current output, single drive brushless ESC controller sealed waterproof and dustproof housing, good heat dissipation performance, can support a variety of control modes.

70A 4-12S Brushless ESC Controller for Single Motor

Get a 70A ESC controller at low cost. It is an electronic speed controller for a brushless motor. Cheap brushless ESC controller has a safe voltage of 14V-60V (4-12S), is designed to automatically help stabilize your car when it detects a momentary loss of control, widely used in remote control and vehicle applications.

70A/140A 4-12S Brushless ESC Controller for Dual Motor

Buy a 70A/140A brushless ESC controller for dual motor online. It has a voltage of 14-60V (4S -12S) and is mainly used for the robot, 4WD RC cars, robot arms, DUY off-road vehicles, electric cars and bicycles. The electronic speed controller can turn on when you turn the car on and activates when it detects that you may lose control.

Brushless Controller for 12/24V BLDC Motor

Our 12/24V BLDC motor brushless controller is durable, with low interference and minimal noise, ensuring smooth and quiet operation. Its robust design guarantees long-term durability, making it a cost-effective choice to meet your motor control needs.

Brushless Controller for 20kW BLDC Motor, 72V/96V

Powerful 20kW brushless motor controller for electric scooter with cheap price for sale, comes with rated voltage 72V/96V, rated current 700A/560A. 72/96V brushless controller for 20KW BLDC motor will apply for cars, motorcycles, golf carts, ATVs, UTVs and boats.

100A 4-20S Brushless ESC Controller for Single Motor

100A Electronic speed controller is available with safe voltage 14-84V (4S -20S), designed for brushless dc motor. The ESC controller can automatically help stabilize your car when it detects a momentary loss of control, mainly used for electric cars, bicycles, aircraft, helicopters, airplanes, boats and quadcopters.

100A/200A 4-20S Brushless ESC Controller for Dual Motor

Good price brushless ESC controller with single/ dual maximum continuous current 100A/200A, single/dual maximum current 120A/240A, voltage 14-84V (4-20S), support PPM, ADC, NRF, UART 4 control communication modes. Electronic speed controller for brushless motor suitable for the robot, mechanical arm, battle robot, and DIY off-road vehicle.

10kW BLDC Motor Controller for 72V Electric Vehicle

The 10 kW motor controller is rated at a voltage of 72V and a maximum voltage of 95V. The controller is compatible with various motor temperature sensors to protect the motor from overheating damage. 72 V brushless motor controller is widely used in electric vehicles, ships, and other machines.

12V-60V Brushless DC Motor Controller

Cheap price brushless DC motor controller works at 12V to 60V power supply for sale online. The motor driver has a wide range of work current range from 6-75A, PWM open loop and speed closed loop. This high-quality bldc motor controller is a high‑current controller for hall‑sensor equipped for 24V/36V/48V brushless DC motors, worm gear motor and planetary gear motor.

20kW BLDC Motor Controller for 72V Electric Vehicle

20kW electric vehicle brushless controller for sale, rated voltage 72V, maximum voltage 95V. BLDC motor controller has built-in Bluetooth, which can be used with the host software to monitor the working status of the controller. The 20kW brushless controller is ideal for use in electric boats, electric motors, and electric vehicles.

Brushless Controller for 12/24/36/48/60V BLDC Motor

Good price brushless controller for 12V/ 24V/ 48V/ 72V/ 96V 3-phase BLDC motor with work current range from 6 ~ 75A, 50 rpm in hall sensor motor and 1 rpm in encoder sensor. The brushless electric motor driver adapts to BLDC motor control based on hall sensor, magnetic coding sensor and photoelectric coding sensor.

200A 3-16S Brushless ESC Controller, IP67 Waterpoof

High-quality 200A 3-16S brushless ESC controller with reasonable price for sale online. ESC speed controller with IP67 waterproof, voltage 14-75V (4-20S), continuous current 200A, USB, CAN, UART 3 communication ports. The small size brushless ESC controller is widely used in battle robot, surfboard and robot arm.

Brushless Controller for 24/48/72/96V BLDC Motor

Buy an 18V~120V BLDC motor controller for electric motorcycles and electric scooters. It is equipped with a powerful and intelligent microprocessor, up to 40000 electric RPM. Brushless motor controller is used for 24V/48V/72V/96V high torque BLDC motors with power 400W to 10kW.

5kW BLDC Motor Controller for 96V Electric Vehicle

5kW electric vehicle motor controller for sale, rated voltage at 96V, brushless motor controller with integrated DC contactor control circuit, and other modes available. The high-quality mechanical structure ensures the stability and reliability of the electric vehicle motor controller.

Brushless Controller for 10kW BLDC Motor, 48V/72V/96V

High-quality 10kW brushless motor controller for electric scooter for sale, with rated voltage 48V/72V/96V, rated current 200A, max. current can up to 500A. This brushless motor controller is used for 10kW bldc motor, which has the advantages of stable performance, high reliability and stable speed.