How to Maintain Brushless DC Motor?

Brushless motor has an irreplaceable role in the industrial field. It is precisely because of the outstanding role of brushless DC motor that it also needs long-term use. After the brushless motor is overloaded, the current will be too large, which will aggravate the motor fever, burn out the motor for a long time, and even cause a fire. So we should do a good job of maintenance, so as to make it work. So what should we do? In this article, we will introduce 4 tips about BLDC motor maintenance.

Brushless DC motor maintain

  • Overheat protection. When the brushless DC motor runs for a long time in excess of its rated current under overload fault, it will cause the motor to overheat and reduce insulation. The protector calculates the heat capacity of the brushless DC electric motor according to the heating characteristics of the motor, and simulates the heating characteristics of the motor to protect the motor. The characteristics of overload protection correspond to different trip levels.
  • Blocking protection. When the high speed brushless DC motor is starting or running, if the electric timing shaft is stuck due to excessive load or its own mechanical reasons and the fault is not removed in time, the motor will be overheated, the insulation will be reduced and the motor will be burned down. Lock-turn protection is suitable for permanent magnet DC motor starting to protect such faults. Blocking protection is applicable to protect the motor when such faults occur in the process of operation. When the current reaches the set current of action, the protector should act within the set time of action or alarm time.
  • Maintenance of commutator. Commutator is a very important part of brushless DC motor, which is also one of the main reasons for motor failure. Among them is the commutator this piece, commutator working condition is directly related to the DC motor working condition, so must strengthen maintenance. The main fault of the commutator is the commutator spark. In order to make the motor run normally, we must keep the surface of the commutator clean and clean regularly. If the commutator surface of the 12V brushless DC motor has slight stripes or grooves. The commutator can be polished or ground, and then clean silk cloth is used to wipe the surface of the commutator, which is conducive to forming an oxide film to protect the commutator.
  • Maintenance of bearing. The maintenance and lubrication of bearings are generally determined according to the bearing speed, working temperature, working environment, etc. Generally, it is necessary to use bamboo pieces to scrape the grease inside the bearing of small brushless DC motor, and use low pressure steam for preliminary cleaning, because there will be old oil or some other debris inside the bearing sheet for a long time. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether the bearing inner and outer rings have running rings. In addition, it is also necessary to often measure the bearing clearance of the high power brushless DC motor to check whether the bearing has cracks, rust and discolor, etc. It can also rotate the bearing of the brushless DC motor to be smooth and sound uniform, without jam phenomenon.
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