What is Electronic Speed Control (ESC)?
At present, we can observe the electric motors' speed control all over modern society. So, the list of speed control mainly includes an extensive range of machines which ranges from basic electrical appliances used in a household like in the garage, or garden to large industrial plants through pumps, machine tools, conveyor belts, etc. So we can notice how important and necessary this speed control technique is for several electrical machines. We cannot perform longer without an efficient method to control speed. So, the electronic speed control method is used to control the machinery as well as motor rotational speed. Next, we will discuss electronic speed control for motors, drones, vehicles, etc.
Brushless DC Motor for Electric Tools Field
A Brushless DC motor is used in an electric grinder, it does not need to change the brush maintenance work, and the speed can be controlled according to the situation of the grinding workpiece, the noise is greatly reduced compared with the original brush motor, and because the voltage is DC, the voltage is reduced, the safety is greatly improved.
Does a Brushless DC Motor Need a Controller?
Nowadays, many automation equipment manufacturers have begun to pay attention to DC brushless motors and use them to replace previous low-efficiency, noisy, and high-power motors, such as AC induction motors, stepper motors, etc. Everyone wants to know whether the brushless DC motor and the brushed DC motor can rotate when they are energized. the answer is negative. Because the brushless DC motor must be equipped with a corresponding controller (driver) to rotate, which is determined by the structure and principle of the brushless DC motor.
How to Choose a Brushless DC Motor?
Brushless DC motors are widely used in AI intelligence, automobiles, medical equipment, industrial automation, etc. due to their long life, low noise, and high torque. Because of their different specifications and types, the right brushless DC motors are selected to meet product performance requirements, which is very important. So how do we choose a brushless motor that is most suitable for our products?