Customized Solution: High-speed Brushless DC Motor for Electric Screwdriver
As the saying goes, "If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tool." As a mechanical component, the electric screwdriver cannot work normally without the electric batch power supply. The electric batch power supply provides energy and related control functions for the electric screwdriver. drive the rotation of the motor. Due to the different parameters of the electric screwdriver motor, the speed will be different when the electric batch power supply outputs the same power.
Customized Solution: Brushless DC motor for Hair Dryer
As a small household appliance, the working principle of the hair dryer is that the motor drives the rotor to drive the fan blades to rotate, the motor is installed in the casing, and the fan blades are installed on the shaft end of the motor. When the motor rotates, the air is sucked from the air inlet and blown out from the air outlet wind.
Customized Solution: High-speed DC Brushless Motor for Car Vacuum Cleaner
The working principle of the car vacuum cleaner: the fan impeller of the car vacuum cleaner is driven by a high-speed DC brushless motor to form a vacuum in the host, which generates a high-speed airflow and sucks garbage from the suction port. The high-speed DC brushless motor is the core component of the vacuum cleaner, and the performance of the motor directly affects the reliability and life of the vacuum cleaner.
Brushless DC Motor for Automotive Field
A Brushless DC motor is mostly used in a car purifier to drive the centrifugal air blower to discharge the dirty air. A Brushless DC motor body is determined according to the motor circuit scheme, commonly used two-phase bridge type phase change drive circuit. The inner stator winding can be more easily wound on the core teeth. The motor is made into an external rotor-type structure, with the stator and stator winding placed inside the rotor. The phase change drive circuit uses a special integrated circuit (ASIC) with a simple circuit and control protection function.
Brushless DC Motor for Medical Equipment Field
Brushless DC motors for milling machines and lathes can achieve stepless speed regulation, fully adapting to the needs of the operating process, and the original mechanical speed control device can be canceled. Application of brushless DC motor in the automotive industry The main reason for the application of brushless DC motor in the automotive industry is that it has higher torque, higher power, higher reliability, and longer service life than traditional brush motors, especially for windows and sunroofs, etc. When a fault is encountered, it will automatically stop running to avoid injury accidents.
Brushless DC Motor for Electronic Digital Field
In terms of quantity, this is the field where DC brushless motors are used the most and have occupied an irreplaceable position. For example, in digital printers, floppy disk drives, hard disk drives, optical disk drives such as CD-ROM and DVD-ROM, fax machines, copiers, tape recorders, film cameras, high fidelity recorders, and control of spindles and subsidiary motions of jukeboxes, etc.
How to Increase the Torque of Brushless Motor?
A brushless motor is mainly used to generate driving torque as a power source for appliances or various machinery, and its main function is to use mechanical energy to convert it into electrical energy. Under the action of torque of mechanical equipment installed with a brushless motor, the object will change in position or angle, etc. Therefore, it can be calculated according to the formula of the definition of Aki torque. That is, torque (T) = power  (P) * 9.55 / number of revolutions (N), or mutual conversion factor can also look like this: T * number of revolutions / 9.55 = power