Brushless DC Motor for Medical Equipment Field

Due to the need for surgery, the power system of orthopedic medical equipment is required to be able to continuously vary the speed in a wide range to meet the requirements of various occasions such as milling, drilling, and sawing. The existing orthopedic medical device drive motors are single-phase AC/DC series excitation motors and voltage regulators, which are very noisy.

Since the brushes and commutator cannot be disinfected before the operation, it has a certain influence on the surgical results and requires regular brush replacement and motor maintenance. A Brushless DC motor does not have the above-mentioned hidden problems. As a drive system, it has low noise, a wide speed range, a small size, and a lightweight, brushless motor is undoubtedly the best choice for medical devices.

Bone saws

Brushless DC motors are used in medical devices to make bone saws for surgery, with high force, fast sawing speed, low noise, and low electromagnetic interference. And it can be equipped with a rechargeable battery to make portable products, which are convenient to use.

Brushless motors for medical devices

Dental electric grinder, electric drill

The brushless DC motor for dental medical electric grinder and electric drill is small in size, fast in speed, low in noise, low in interference, durable, and easy to use.

Table Drill

Brushless DC motors for table drills can achieve stepless speed regulation of table drill speed, fully adapting to the operator's needs. The original graded speed control device can be eliminated, thus reducing the volume and cost.

Milling machine and lathe

Brushless DC motors for milling machines and lathes can achieve stepless speed regulation, fully adapting to the needs of the operating process, and the original mechanical speed control device can be canceled. Application of brushless DC motor in the automotive industry The main reason for the application of brushless DC motor in the automotive industry is that it has higher torque, higher power, higher reliability, and longer service life than traditional brush motors, especially for windows and sunroofs, etc. When a fault is encountered, it will automatically stop running to avoid injury accidents.


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