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What are the Components of Brushless DC Motor?
A brushless DC motor, also known as a electronically commutated motor, is a type of electric motor that uses electronic commutation instead of brushes and a mechanical commutator, which are commonly found in traditional DC motors. Due to the absence of brushes and commutator. Because brushless motor has some components, it can better play the performance. In the following, we will introduce the components of BLDC motor.
What is Electronic Speed Control (ESC)?
At present, we can observe the electric motors' speed control all over modern society. So, the list of speed control mainly includes an extensive range of machines which ranges from basic electrical appliances used in a household like in the garage, or garden to large industrial plants through pumps, machine tools, conveyor belts, etc. So we can notice how important and necessary this speed control technique is for several electrical machines. We cannot perform longer without an efficient method to control speed. So, the electronic speed control method is used to control the machinery as well as motor rotational speed. Next, we will discuss electronic speed control for motors, drones, vehicles, etc.