Brushless DC Motor for Automotive Field

In addition to the core engine of the general family car, there are brushless motors in the wipers, electric doors, car air conditioning, electric windows, and other parts. As the automotive industry develops in the direction of energy saving and environmental protection, the motors used also need to meet the standards of high efficiency and low energy consumption, and the advantages of brushless motors such as low noise, long life, no spark interference, and convenient centralized control are fully compatible, and its application in various aspects of the automotive motor drive will be more widespread.

Brushless motors used in automobiles


Brushless DC motor for vehicle-wheel drive

At present, the type of motor for vehicle wheel drive can be roughly divided into four categories: DC brush motor, AC induction motor, brushless DC motor, reluctance motor, etc., after practice the brushless DC motor has obvious advantages. The four electric vehicles are directly driven by four independent wheel motors. With the use of inverters for electronic commutation and the abolition of mechanical commutator and brush, this structure facilitates high-speed operation and does not affect the motor body when replacing the tire, very simple and convenient.

Brushless motors for automotive applications

Brushless DC motor for automobile air conditioner

The development of a low-voltage, high-current type brushless DC motor for automotive air conditioning can solve the original brush DC motor noise, short life, and maintenance difficulties, and improve the motor performance. Its rated voltage is 2V, which makes the design of a brushless DC motor more difficult due to the structural limitation. The stator punch is a 2-slot structure, because it is a low-voltage and high-current type, in order to ensure that the current density does not converge too high, the double-wire parallel winding is used to reduce the diameter of the wire; the rotor is a surface permanent magnet paste type 4-pole structure, the permanent magnet uses rare earth permanent magnet material NdFeB because the remanence and coercivity of NdFeB are high, the magnetization direction is short, so the permanent magnet uses radial tile type.

Auto air conditioning
Brushless DC motor for car purifier

A Brushless DC motor is mostly used in a car purifier to drive the centrifugal air blower to discharge the dirty air. A Brushless DC motor body is determined according to the motor circuit scheme, commonly used two-phase bridge type phase change drive circuit. The inner stator winding can be more easily wound on the core teeth. The motor is made into an external rotor-type structure, with the stator and stator winding placed inside the rotor. The phase change drive circuit uses a special integrated circuit (ASIC) with a simple circuit and control protection function.
The above is all about the application of high-power brushless DC motors in the automotive industry, and I hope it can help our friends to better understand brushless DC motors. Brushless DC motors are widely used in electric bicycles, inverter air conditioners, washing machines, drones, automobiles, CNC machine tools, polishing, and grinding equipment, packaging machinery, tools, gates, industrial control, medical machinery, automation, AGV carts, aerospace and intelligent storage equipment, and other motion control fields.

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