Customized Solution: Brushless DC motor for Hair Dryer

As a small household appliance, the working principle of the hair dryer is that the motor drives the rotor to drive the fan blades to rotate, the motor is installed in the casing, and the fan blades are installed on the shaft end of the motor. When the motor rotates, the air is sucked from the air inlet and blown out from the air outlet wind.

There are several types of motors used in hair dryers on the market, which can be divided into series motors, shaded pole motors, and permanent magnet DC brush motors. The disadvantage is that the commutator has a certain interference with the telecommunication equipment. The advantage of the shaded pole motor is that the noise is relatively small, the service life will be longer, and it will not interfere with the telecommunication equipment. The disadvantage is that the speed is low and the starting performance is poor. , heavyweight, the advantages of the permanent magnet DC brush motor are that the motor has good cooling conditions and the insulation is not easy to age, but its disadvantage is that the noise is relatively large, the service life is short, and maintenance is required, and the cost-effective DC brushless motor can be used. The above shortcomings, the advantages of brushless DC motors are high speed, small size, simple production process, long life, and so on.

Customized case for hair dryer

The hair dryer has been improved in product quality and stability, and the technical content of the product has also improved, which has a lot to do with the selected parts. As the core component of the hair dryer - the brushless DC motor, the brushless DC motor is the evolution of the brushed motor.

Products are also the trend of choice in the market, and now provide customers with the following solutions:

  1. Voltage: 12-24V
  2. Power: 2.5-40W
  3. Speed: 3000-8000 rpm
  4. This BLDC-12V-3000R high-speed bldc motor has input under-voltage protection and output overcurrent protection, and the relevant functional requirements can be customized according to customer requirements.
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