Customized Solution: DC brushless Gear Motor for Sweeper

The hand-push sweeper has become a major demand in the market. It pays attention to efficiency, low cost, and outstanding cleaning effect. As an environmentally friendly technology product that replaces manpower, it integrates "cleaning, watering, and vacuuming". Time-saving and labor-saving, safe and reliable, what is the service life and efficiency of the hand-push sweeper related to?

The important part of the hand-push sweeper is the motor. The BLDC-GEAR-B150W brushless DC gear motor launched by is used in the hand-push sweeper. The rotating brush driven by the motor is a brushless DC gear motor. It is designed with a cylindrical gear reducer and a brushless motor. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high power, small size, low noise, and high control accuracy. The brushless motor has good speed regulation performance. The motor adopts electronic commutation and pulse width. The modulated pulse speed regulation further improves the performance of the DC motor. At the same time, it overcomes the problems caused by the traditional mechanical commutation of the DC motor, thereby greatly improving the service life of the motor.

Customized case of sweeper

Brushless DC geared motor control circuit mainly includes control circuit microprocessor, data signal processor and special integrated motor, etc. The driver adopts software programming, and the driver program can be customized according to customer requirements.


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