Customized Solution: Outrunner Brushless Motor for Industrial Fan

The design scheme of the outrunner brushless motor for industrial fans has been more than 10 years old, so why do customers choose the external rotor brushless motor as their standard for more than 10 years?

It is because of the large inertia of the brushless dc motor, which has great advantages in the load drive of industrial fans, and this BLDC-WP400 of is an industrial fan using a 400W outrunner brushless motor to design a drive control system, which makes the fan system reliable. Starting, with accurate commutation and stable operation, it can realize double closed-loop control of motor speed and current, and design a power factor correction circuit to improve the input power factor of the controller power supply.

Customized case of industrial fan

400W outrunner brushless motor specific parameter requirements:

  1. Power: 400W
  2. Voltage: 11-22V
  3. Rotation Speed kV (RPM/V): 300KV
  4. Efficiency: more than 85%

Size requirements:

The main dimensions of the motor are the armature diameter Da, the effective armature length La, and the motor aspect ratio λ=La divided by Da, which can be obtained from the main dimensions of the motor:

Da2la=6.1*109 P’/ apABδ n

In the formula, the unit of D1 and L1 is mm, P' represents the power, the unit is W, A represents the electrical load, the unit is A/mm, Bδ represents the magnetic load of the motor, the unit is T, and n represents the rated speed of the motor, the unit is r/min. The choice of the motor aspect ratio λ has a great influence on the performance cost of the motor. Generally, the aspect ratio of the low-power motor is between λ=0.7~1.5.

The above motor performance can be customized according to the actual application of customers.

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