Customized Solution: Planetary Geared Brushless Motor for Robot

In robots, the actuators are divided into two types: motor drive and hydraulic drive. The most common one is a motor drive, and the motors used in robots are mostly DC gear motors. The following is the geared brushless motor BLDC-GEAR-P100. As the name implies,  is a planetary gearbox with a brushless motor. The DC supply current is DC, so it can be powered by a battery, which is why the DC brushless motor is the most widely used in robots.

In the robot, the motor is required to run within the range of low speed and torque. Therefore, a planetary gear motor is added to the design. The planetary reducer brushless motor has the characteristics of high output torque, low speed, simple use, and a wide range of options. Under the same power, the planetary geared brushless motor is 30% smaller than the brushed motor, the electric energy conversion rate is over 80%, and the energy saving is 50% compared with the traditional motor. It can run continuously for 20,000 hours without failure and without maintenance.

Customized case of robot

The user can select the motor according to the working voltage, output torque, speed, power, and outer diameter of the motor.

  • Working voltage: 12-48V, can be customized
  • Output torque: 0.32-0.96Nm, can be customized as required
  • Speed: 3000-3300rpm, can be customized as required
  • Power: 100W, can be customized on request

Therefore, with the development trend of robots, the use of planetary geared brushless motors has become the best choice.

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