Customized Solution: High-speed DC Brushless Motor for Car Vacuum Cleaner

The working principle of the car vacuum cleaner: the fan impeller of the car vacuum cleaner is driven by a high-speed DC brushless motor to form a vacuum in the host, which generates a high-speed airflow and sucks garbage from the suction port. The high-speed DC brushless motor is the core component of the vacuum cleaner, and the performance of the motor directly affects the reliability and life of the vacuum cleaner.

The motor speed of the electric fan we use in daily life is about 1800-3600rpm, while the high-speed DC brushless motor's speed of the car vacuum cleaner can be as high as 25000-45000rpm, which is why the car vacuum cleaner can be driven at high speed.

Some car vacuum cleaners on the market use brushed DC motors, and some use brushless DC motors. The cost of using DC motors is relatively low, but the service life is lower than that of brushless motors, and the efficiency is low. In terms of rotational speed, brushed DC motors will be low. The suction power is not enough to absorb large particles of dirt. The brushless motor adopts rare earth NdFeB material with high magnetic energy products, which has high efficiency and makes the battery last longer.

Customized case of car vaccum cleaner

In addition, the noise of a good car vacuum cleaner should be around 80db, and the noise of our BLDC-24V-8000R high-speed brushless DC motor is lower than 50db, the outer diameter of the motor is 42mm (can be customized), the length is 67mm (can be customized), and the volume small but powerful suction.


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