Brushless DC Motors

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36V 200W Brushless DC Motor, 0.64Nm, 3000 rpm, 6.9A

Light weight 200w bldc motor for an electric car, 36 DC voltage, 3000 rpm speed, IP65 protection, 0.64 Nm rated torque, and three-phase brushless motors are ideal for applications requiring fast acceleration and high accuracy.

48V 200W Brushless DC Motor, 0.64 Nm, 3000 rpm, 5.21A

200W BLDC motor is designed for electrical vehicles. 3000 rpm rated speed, 5.21A rated current and 0.64 Nm rated torque. Buy a low price 48V brushless motor with a motor controller/gearbox, can control continuously at maximum rotational force (torque).

72V 400W Brushless DC Motor, 2 Nm, 2000 rpm, 7.3A

400W brushless dc motor with planetary gearbox, various speed ratios selectable, low speed of 2000 rpm, 72V brushless motor rated torque 2 Nm, rated current 7.3A, wide speed range, strong overload capacity, protection class IP65. BLDC motor can be used for continuous load applications, such as fans, water pumping machines, blowers and hair dryers.

96V 750W Brushless DC Motor, 2.4 Nm, 3000 rpm, 9.8A

Get a 1 HP brushless DC electric motor at affordable price online. The 96V BLDC motor is rated at 3000 rpm, rated current 9.8A, rated torque 2.4 Nm, and maximum torque up to 7.5 Nm. Small 3-phase BLDC motor working efficiency is up to 85%. Buy BLDC motor controller and gearbox combined with the BLDC motor will provide higher torque.

2400W 140KV 4-12S Outrunner Sensored Brushless DC Motor

High torque outrunner brushless DC motor power 2400W, maximum torque 7 Nm, built-in Hall sensor, smooth pneumatic motor accurate temperature detection, 140KV outrunner brushless motor for RC aircraft, airplanes, multi-rotors, helicopters, fixed-wing and robotic arm.

2700W 190KV 4-12S Outrunner Sensored Brushless DC Motor

Buy low price 2700W outrunner sensored brushless DC motor, speed 190KV, 5 N.m high torque, max. current 60A, shaft diameter 10 mm, size 63 x 68mm, maximum efficiency, ideal for the robotic arm, robot, and DIY buggies.

4300W 110KV 6-18S Outrunner Sensored Brushless DC Motor

High power 4300W outrunner sensored brushless DC motor, working speed 110KV, current 100A, power 6-18S, 9.5 Nm highest torque, shaft diameter 10mm, suitable for RC aircraft, airplane, multi-rotor, helicopter, fixed wing and robotic arm.

24V 1900W (2.5 hp) Brushless DC Motor, 6 Nm, 3000 rpm, 98.2A

Reliable 3-phase 2.5 hp brushless DC electric motor running at 24V voltage with cheap price. High torque BLDC motor featuring 3000 rpm rated speed, 6 Nm rated torque, and max. torque can be up to 18 Nm, 98.2A rated current. Power, voltage, speed, shaft, motor length, motor lead of high-torque brushless DC motors can be customized.

48V 1900W (2.5 hp) Brushless DC Motor, 6 Nm, 3000 rpm, 44A

Affordable high torque brushless motor for sale online. 3 phase small brushless motor works at 48V power supply and has 3000 rpm rated speed, 6 Nm holding torque and 44A rated current. 1.9kW (2.5 hp) BLDC motor combined with a motor driver or gearbox can deliver precisely the desired torque and rotation speed.

72V 1900W (2.5 hp) Brushless DC Motor, 6 Nm, 3000 rpm, 32.7A

Economical 1900 watt brushless motor with planetary gearbox, controller and brake, 72V DC brushless motor, rated current 32.7A, 110mm square flange size, rated speed 3000 rpm, buy a set of brushless motor to bring you a different speed experience.

24V 600W Brushless DC Motor, 1.91 Nm, 3000 rpm, 31.2A

Cheap price 24V high torque brushless DC motor comes with 600 watts rated power, 1.91 Nm rated torque, 3000 rpm rated speed and 31.2A rated current. 3-phase BLDC electric motor has a wide range of speed regulation and easy to control the speed.

24V 750W (1 hp) Brushless DC Motor, 2.39 Nm, 3000 rpm, 39A

Cost-effective 750W brushless DC motor operates at 24V power supply. High torque BLDC electric motor features 3000 rpm rated speed, 2.39 Nm rated torque and max. torque to 7.16 Nm. This brushless motor is powerful and efficient.
$416.37 $399.16

36V 250W Brushless DC Motor, 0.8 Nm, 3000 rpm, 8.5A

Cheap high torque brushless motor for sale, power 250W, rated speed 3000 rpm, rated torque 0.8 Nm, waterproof IP54, 36V DC brushless motor excellent controllability allows to create high precision positioning drive.

24V 1000W Brushless DC Motor, 3.18 Nm, 3000 rpm, 52A

Buy a high efficiency and controllability 24V brushless dc motor at cheap price. High torque BLDC motor features 1kW rated power, 3.18 Nm rated torque, 3000 rpm rated speed, 52A rated current. 3-phase brushless DC motor best for electric car.

36V 300W Brushless DC Motor, 0.96 Nm, 3300 rpm, 10.4A

Three-phase 300W brushless DC motor rated voltage 36V, speed up to 3000rpm, rated torque 0.96Nm, stable speed control, high-performance bldc motor using precision ball bearings, long life, and quiet operation.

400KV Brushless Heavy Lift Drone Motor

Good price 6S brushless motor for drone. It is also a heavy lift drone motor, designed for 14/15/16 inch propellers. 400KV BLDC motor is suitable for position and speed control due to their lightweight, high efficiency, wide speed range and strong torque capability.

320KV Brushless Heavy Lift Drone Motor

The provided brushless motor is designed for drone. Heavy lift drone motor comes with 4S/6S rated voltage to spin 15/16/17 inch propeller and generate the thrust that your drone can fly. The 320KV/420KV/580KV drone motor rpm is optional, suitable for various working environments.

36V 350W Brushless DC Motor, 1.12 Nm, 3000 rpm, 12.1A

The brushless DC motor for linear torque curve has a power of 350 watts, a rated current of 12.1A, rated torque 1.12Nm, a wide speed range, and a brushless vibration motor with a permanent magnet rotor, which contributes to the energy efficiency of the device.

100KV Brushless Heavy Lift Drone Motor

Powerful 12mm heavy lift drone motor for sale online. 100KV brushless drone motor should be attached to the 30-inch propeller, spin it and generate the thrust that your drone can fly. The 12S BLDC drone motor supports multi-rotor aircraft, suitable for various working environments.

48V 2300W (3 hp) Brushless DC Motor, 7.3 Nm, 3000 rpm, 60A

48V brushless motor is a 3 phase dc motor that has 3000 rpm rated speed, 7.3 Nm holding torque, and 60A rated current. 2.3kW brushless DC motor controls continuously at maximum rotational torque. Small brushless motor matched with a motor controller/gearbox is suitable for electric car applications.