How Does a BLDC Motor Rotate Forward and Reverse?

The brushless motor controller is the key point for the normal operation of the brushless DC motor and the realization of various speed-regulating servo functions. It mainly completes the following four functions:

  • Logic synthesis is performed on various signals to provide various control signals to the driving circuit.
  • Generate PWM modulation signal to realize motor speed regulation.
  • Adjust the speed and current loop of the motor, so that the system has better dynamic and static performance.
  • Realize fault protection functions such as short circuit, overcurrent, Undervoltage, and locked rotor.

The power supply of the DC brushless motor is connected to the brushless motor through the controller so that the brushless DC motor runs in one direction. Looking at the direction of the motor shaft extension, the motor shaft rotates clockwise is called forward rotation, and counterclockwise rotation is called reverse rotation. The following is explain how to wire a controller to reverse a BLDC motor.

How to Wire a Controller to Reverse a BLDC Motor?

For wiring, we need these components: A drive as the controller, a BLDC motor, a DC power supply, and a control box.

BLDC motor wiring components

As everything’s ready, we’ll connect hall wires and power wires in different colors with their specific terminals. By the way, these wires are also different in diameter. DIP switch settings also depend on the motor type.

Control Part Wiring

Forward Wiring Method

  • BRK must be connected to the COM port. (Direct connection/connection to emergency stop normally closed port).
  • The EN port is connected to COM as a start port or a normal stop port.

This will happen if COM has been connected. Make sure everything has been correctly connected after completion. The red and blue wires are power cables and yellow wires are used to connect the control box.

BLDC motor wiring

BLDC Motor Running

  • Press the green self-locking button to actuate the motor.
  • Press the emergency stop button, then the motor stops immediately.
  • Restore the emergency stop button and let the motor resume rotating.
  • Release the green button, then the motor stops naturally.

Adjust the Motor Speed

Turn the Philips cross slot using a screwdriver to achieve this purpose.

Reverse Wiring Method

  • BRK must be connected to the COM port. (Direct connection/connection to emergency stop normally closed port).
  • The EN&F/R are connected to the normally open contacts of the push button switch, and the motor rotates in the reverse direction when switched on at the same time. You can turn RV to change the speed.

That’s all for the wiring of a brushless controller to reverse a brushless dc motor. You can watch the video below for more detailed wiring instructions. In this video, we demonstrated how to wire a BLDC motor to a motor driver to reverse its rotation and adjust its speed. Apart from the motor and the controller, a DC power supply and a control box are also used.

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