How to Use Potentiometer to Control BLDC Motor Speed?

At present, brushless DC motors are widely used in medical, robotics, automobiles, automation equipment, etc., because they do not require carbon brushes, are easy to use, have a long life, and have low noise. But in order to better use the brushless DC motor, we need to control its speed and steering. The speed of the brushless DC motor can be controlled in three ways.

Brusheless motor

Three Ways to Control BLDC Motor Speed

  • Control voltage: Generally, a brushless motor has a matching controller. By changing the output voltage of the driver, the input voltage of the brushless motor can be controlled to adjust the motor speed.
  • PWM speed regulation: PWM speed regulation is to use the method of pulse width modulation to modulate the constant DC power supply voltage into a pulse voltage sequence with a certain frequency and variable width so that the average output voltage can be changed to adjust the motor speed.
  • Series resistance: A potentiometer in series can control the speed of the motor, which is suitable for low-power motors.

As a power source for all kinds of machinery, motors are used in a wide range of applications, from heavy industry to small toys. In daily use, it is necessary to adjust the speed of the forward and reverse rotation of the motor. The following describes the use of potentiometers to control the speed of brushless DC motors.

How to Control BLDC Motor Speed by Using a Potentiometer?

For this purpose, we’re gonna have these things ready: A controller, a BLDC motor, a DC power supply, a potentiometer and a control box. And still, the description and basic wiring of hall wires and power wires are provided for reference.

How to control BLDC motor speed by using potentiometer

Operation Steps

  1. As to DIP switch settings, turn Switch 4 and 6 on for external speed adjustment.
  2. Both in forward and reverse rotation circuits, the potentiometer is expected to connect with terminals COM, SV and +5V.
  3. Connect each wire as described and make sure the wiring is finished well.
  4. Press the Start button.
  5. Turn the knob on the potentiometer and the motor starts speeding up.

If you want to know more details, please watch the following video. In this video, we will show you in detail how to use a potentiometer to control the speed of the BLDC motor. The wiring is quite easy, and this speed adjustment solution is an ideal choice for applications that do not require too far control distance.

Using a potentiometer to control the speed of a DC motor is an ideal choice for users that have not demanded requirements for control distance. provides a huge selection of Brushless DC motors that are available in various voltage options, sizes and structures. You can easily find the ideal type for your application. Our BLDC motors are widely recognized as the most reliable and cost-effective power solutions across industries.

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