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How to Use Potentiometer to Control BLDC Motor Speed?
As a power source for all kinds of machinery, motors are used in a wide range of applications, from heavy industry to small toys. In daily use, it is necessary to adjust the speed of the forward and reverse rotation of the motor. The following describes the use of potentiometers to control the speed of brushless DC motors.
How to Wind a Brushless Motor Stator?
The stator of a brushless motor is the part that generates the rotating magnetic field and can support the rotor to rotate. It mainly consists of a silicon steel sheet, enameled wire, bearing, bracket, etc.; the rotor can support rotor rotation under the action of the stator rotating magnetic field, and the parts mainly consist of the rotor shaft, magnet, bracket, etc. In addition, the number of pole pairs formed by the stator and rotor will also affect the speed and torque of the motor.
How Does a BLDC Motor Rotate Forward and Reverse?
The power supply of the DC brushless motor is connected to the brushless motor through the controller so that the DC brushless motor runs in one direction. Looking at the direction of the motor shaft extension, the motor shaft rotates clockwise is called forward rotation, and counterclockwise rotation is called reverse rotation. The following is explain how to wire a controller to reverse a BLDC motor.
Why BLDC Motor is Used in Electric Vehicle?
Electric vehicles are not new to the world, but technological advancements and a growing focus on pollution control have branded them the mobility of the future. Various types of electric motors are used in electric vehicles, including brushless DC motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM), and three-phase AC induction motors. Among these motors, you may have heard of BLDC motors which are very popular in electric vehicles.
Why Use a Brushless Motor For Drone?
The basis for making a drone is a brushless motor. The combination of motor and propeller is necessary to keep the whole drone hovering in the air. For the drone to fly as long as possible, a balance needs to be found between the motor, the propeller and the weight of the entire structure. Like all electric motors, brushless motors contain bearings, coils, magnets, and stator and end caps connected by bearings. The important parameters of a brushless motor are KV value, weight, no-load current, the maximum current that can be carried and maximum voltage.
How to Wire and Test High Torque BLDC Motor?
The wiring principle of the general brushless DC motor is basically similar. Here we take a 24V brushless motor as an example to show you how to connect the motor to the controller and make the motor turn. To test 24V BLDC motor requires a controller, 24V DC power supply start switch, a push button switch & a toggle switch, including power wires and hall wires, as well as a resistive accelerator pedal. All of these constitute the basic parts to operate a BLDC motor.
Customized Solution: High-speed Brushless DC Motor for Electric Screwdriver
As the saying goes, "If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tool." As a mechanical component, the electric screwdriver cannot work normally without the electric batch power supply. The electric batch power supply provides energy and related control functions for the electric screwdriver. drive the rotation of the motor. Due to the different parameters of the electric screwdriver motor, the speed will be different when the electric batch power supply outputs the same power.
Customized Solution: Brushless DC motor for Hair Dryer
As a small household appliance, the working principle of the hair dryer is that the motor drives the rotor to drive the fan blades to rotate, the motor is installed in the casing, and the fan blades are installed on the shaft end of the motor. When the motor rotates, the air is sucked from the air inlet and blown out from the air outlet wind.
Customized Solution: DC brushless Gear Motor for Sweeper
The hand-push sweeper has become a major demand in the market. It pays attention to efficiency, low cost, and outstanding cleaning effect. As an environmentally friendly technology product that replaces manpower, it integrates "cleaning, watering, and vacuuming". Time-saving and labor-saving, safe and reliable, what is the service life and efficiency of the hand-push sweeper related to?
Customized Solution: Planetary Geared Brushless Motor for Robot
In robots, the actuators are divided into two types: motor drive and hydraulic drive. The most common one is a motor drive, and the motors used in robots are mostly DC gear motors. The following is the geared brushless motor BLDC-GEAR-P100. As the name implies,  is a planetary gearbox with a brushless motor. The DC supply current is DC, so it can be powered by a battery, which is why the DC brushless motor is the most widely used in robots.