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72V 5000W Brushless DC Motor, 16 Nm, 3000 rpm, 82A

The 5 kW three-phase brushless motor operates at 72V DC, with a rated current of 82A, high speed of 3000 rpm, rated torque 16Nm, and torque peaks up to 42 Nm, The DC brushless motor is small in size, and the rotational inertia is reduced by 40% to 50% accordingly.

24V 1900W (2.5 hp) Brushless DC Motor, 6 Nm, 3000 rpm, 98.2A

Reliable 3-phase 2.5 hp brushless DC electric motor running at 24V voltage with cheap price. High torque BLDC motor featuring 3000 rpm rated speed, 6 Nm rated torque, and max. torque can be up to 18 Nm, 98.2A rated current. Power, voltage, speed, shaft, motor length, motor lead of high-torque brushless DC motors can be customized.

36V 300W Brushless DC Motor, 0.96 Nm, 3300 rpm, 10.4A

Three-phase 300W brushless DC motor rated voltage 36V, speed up to 3000rpm, rated torque 0.96Nm, stable speed control, high-performance bldc motor using precision ball bearings, long life, and quiet operation.

48V 1900W (2.5 hp) Brushless DC Motor, 6 Nm, 3000 rpm, 44A

Affordable high torque brushless motor for sale online. 3 phase small brushless motor works at 48V power supply and has 3000 rpm rated speed, 6 Nm holding torque and 44A rated current. 1.9kW (2.5 hp) BLDC motor combined with a motor driver or gearbox can deliver precisely the desired torque and rotation speed.

36V 350W Brushless DC Motor, 1.12 Nm, 3000 rpm, 12.1A

The brushless DC motor for linear torque curve has a power of 350 watts, a rated current of 12.1A, rated torque 1.12Nm, a wide speed range, and a brushless vibration motor with a permanent magnet rotor, which contributes to the energy efficiency of the device.

48V 2000W Brushless DC Motor, 10 Nm, 2000 rpm, 51.3A

Reasonable price high efficiency 2000 watt brushless dc electric motor for sale online. 48V BLDC motor comes with 2000 rpm rated speed, 10 Nm holding torque, and 51.3A rated current. 3 phase dc motor working efficiency is up to 85% and can control continuously at maximum rotational torque. Brushless dc electric motor is suitable for electric car applications.

6000 rpm 24V Inrunner Sensored Brushless DC Motor

The provided 24 volt micro brushless motor has a speed adjustment and positive inversion function is suitable for small diameter, low noise and big torque applications. 3 phase high speed sensored BLDC motor features a built hall sensor, 3 mm shaft diameter and can be reached 6000 rpm.

8000 rpm 24V Inrunner Sensored Brushless DC Motor

High speed brushless motor with 8000 rpm for sale online. It is a 3 phase small brushless DC motor equipped with a built hall sensor. 24V micro brushless motor has five lines (red, black, white, yellow, blue) to achieve speed adjustment and positive inversion function.

48V 2300W (3 hp) Brushless DC Motor, 7.3 Nm, 3000 rpm, 60A

48V brushless motor is a 3 phase dc motor that has 3000 rpm rated speed, 7.3 Nm holding torque, and 60A rated current. 2.3kW brushless DC motor controls continuously at maximum rotational torque. Small brushless motor matched with a motor controller/gearbox is suitable for electric car applications.

48V 2500W Brushless DC Motor, 12 Nm, 2000 rpm, 62A

Low price 48V brushless motor is best for electric vehicles. It is a 3-phase dc motor that has 2000 rpm rated speed, 62A rated current and 12 Nm holding torque. 2.5kW high torque brushless motor can control continuously at maximum rotational torque and offer high efficiency and controllability.

36V 600W Brushless DC Motor, 1.91 Nm, 3000 rpm, 20.8A

Buy 600W three-phase DC brushless motor online, input voltage 36V DC, rated current 20.83A, rated speed 3000 RPM, maximum speed 4200 RPM, brushless motor runs with low noise and good speed regulation performance.

48V 3000W (4 hp) Brushless DC Motor, 10 Nm, 3000 rpm, 77A

48V BLDC motor paired with 3 phase brushless DC controller best for electric car application. 3000W power, 3000 rpm rated speed with high torque of 10 Nm, IP65 for the body, and high efficiency of more than 85%. 4 hp Brushless dc electrical motor brake and a matching planetary gearbox are available. In general, it would be more cost-effective to buy a complete set of our BLDC motors.

48V 3800W (5 hp) Brushless DC Motor, 12 Nm, 3000 rpm, 92A

48V BLDC motor has a rated speed of 3000 rpm and no-load speed up to 3600 rpm, 12 Nm holding torque. 3 phase brushless DC motor kit (electric motor, BLDC controller, planetary gearbox) is the best for new energy electric cars. 3.8kW (5 hp) BLDC motor voltage, brake, controller, and matching gearbox options are available for your specific needs.

48V 5000W Brushless DC Motor, 16 Nm, 3000 rpm, 123A

3 phase brushless dc electric motor for sale. 48V BLDC motor is available with 16 Nm holding torque and 3000 rpm rated speed. 5kW brushless DC motor with the matching motor controller and gearbox can provide higher torque and efficiency in your electrical car application.

3kW BLDC Motor For Electric Vehicle, Air Cooling

Buy a 3kW brushless dc motor for the electric vehicle online. An air cooling BLDC motor comes with a 48V/60V/72V rated voltage and 10 N.m rated torque. High power BLDC motors have a higher torque to weight ratio, which is important for electric vehicles. It is matched with a brushless controller to make the vehicle lighter and still get enough torque.

3kW BLDC Motor For Electric Vehicle, Water Cooling

Low price brushless dc motors are used in the majority of electric scooters and electric motorcycles. 48V/60V/70V BLDC motor is designed for electric cars and can operate without mechanical noise. A water-cooled brushless motor has 10 N.m rated torque and 3000-5000 rpm speed, allowing electric vehicles to move more quietly.

36V 750W (1 hp) Brushless DC Motor, 2.39 Nm, 3000 rpm, 26A

750 watt high torque brushless dc motor for sale, rated voltage 36 volts, rated current 26.04A, max. torque 7.16 Nm, rated speed of 3000 rpm, provide fast acceleration and strong power to the machine, voltage, current, speed requirements, and axis modifications can be customized.

36V 1000W Brushless DC Motor, 3.18 Nm, 3000 rpm, 34.7A

Buy low price 36V brushless DC motor, power 1000W, rated current 34.72A, rated torque 3.18 Nm, speed 3000 rpm to 4200 rpm, three-phase brushless motor with its excellent torque performance, high power, very wide speed range widely used in automotive, household appliances, automation, precision instruments and power tools.

36V 1500W Brushless DC Motor, 4.78 Nm, 3000 rpm, 52A

36V high torque DC brushless motor for sale at a low price, power 1500W, rated torque 4.78 Nm, maximum torque 14.33 Nm, rated current 52.08A, three-phase brushless motor rotor using permanent magnets, can reduce the secondary loss of the rotor, equipped with protection functions, help protect the safety of the equipment system.